Mommy's Dream Team offers much more than just exceptional overnight care.
We also offer several unique services to help make your new life with your baby/babies comfortable and enjoyable, not stressful.

Night Newborn Specialist

A Night Newborn Specialist is someone that works in your home, overnight after the baby/babies arrives from the hospital, to help your newborn and you get a good night’s rest and establish good sleeping habits. 

Our specialists do not come into your home with their own agenda. They are there to support, reassure, and offer educated guidance to the parents and to help prevent sleep deprivation.

A Night Nanny works in 9 hour shifts between the hours of 9pm-7am and can be scheduled anywhere from 1-7 nights a week, depending on your family’s needs. We will work with you in figuring out the best schedule for your family depending on your needs.

Our Night Newborn Specialists:

  • Help with establishing good sleep habits
  • Work well with breastfed or formula fed babies
    • Can offer general breastfeeding suggestions (we also have a lactation consultant that we recommend for parents who have more in depth questions or concerns)
  • Offer advice and guidance to help parents feel most successful
  • Clean bottles and pump equipment
  • Help with infant and children’s laundry
Sleep Coaching

Does your little one have a hard time creating healthy sleep habits. We can help! MDT offers both in person and online sleep coaching.  Parents that have worked with us have seen major results typically in a two week time frame!

Sleep Coaching Details

  • Initial consultation
  • Action plan 
  • Two weeks of ongoing support
  • Phone Consultation at the halfway point

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